How can I get a UCSD AD (Active Directory) account?

This should have been created for you when you were hired, or when you were admitted.  Contact ACT for assistance via

How can I get a UCSD Business Systems, aka Single Sign-on (SSO) account?

This should have been created for you when you were hired, or when you were admitted.  See

How can I get a CRBS LDAP account?

You can request a new CRBS SSO Account by following the instructions at

How can I reset my UCSD AD, UCSD SSO and/or CRBS LDAP password?

You can reset your UCSD AD (Active Directory) password here.

You can reset your UCSD SSO (Single Sign-On) password here.

You can reset your CRBS LDAP password here.

Why do I need an Active Directory (AD) account/password?

  •    ACMS computer labs
  •    CRBS Microsoft Windows workstations (some, not all)
  •    Departmental Exchange servers
  •    E-mail   ( accounts, not accounts )
  •    Encrypted Wi-Fi (WPA2-E/ UCSD-PROTECTED)
  •    Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  •    WebCT
  •    SMTP

Why do I need a Single Sign-On (SSO) account/password?

  • time sheets,, and other things that deal with financial things or personal records

Why do I need a CRBS LDAP account/password?

  • Linux workstations (most)
  • Samba access to data (coming soon)
  • Subversion (SVN) access for repositories
  • The confluence wiki
  • The JIRA problem reporting/tracking system
  • The Bamboo automated software build system
  • The Crucible/Fisheye webapps for software version control access and software change review facilitation

How can I tie a new application I'm developing into UCSD AD and/or CRBS LDAP system?

  • Apache
  • OpenID
  • Java API
  • PAMAuth
  • SOAP interface

What is Crowd (aka CRBS SSO)?  How does it compare to UCSD AD and CRBS LDAP?

Crowd is an application that can talk to multiple username/password databases, including Active Directory, LDAP, it's own internal directories, etc.

Crowd allows an application to use multiple user databases for authentication.

Crowd can be configured so that applications using if for authentication use a particular database, or multiple databases in a particular order of precedence.

Crowd can turn your CRBS LDAP login, or your UCSD AD login, into an OpenID login.

CROWD - a Single Sign-on (SSO) application that speaks AD, LDAP, OpenID, etc.

Where can I currently authenticate using my CRBS Single Sign-On (SSO) credentials?

Application Name




Automated software build testing and deployment


Code Review Tool




Centralized, single sign-on account management tool.
Allows you to:
          o reset your password,
          o view your group membership(s),
          o change your email address


Concurrent Version System (CVS) source control server


Xerox DocuShare


Software Repository Viewer

Jira or

Support Request System
  aka issue/bug/task tracker


Some Linux workstations and server

Linux workstations and servers that have been configured to use CRBS SSO, specifically LDAP, for authentication



NCMIR Samba shares mounted via


Subversion source control server

Miscellaneous Info email addresses will continue to use independent passwords for the foreseeable future, though we hope to tie it into LDAP soon.
Microsoft Windows workstations and servers within CRBS will continue using UCSD Active Directory indefinitely.