CRBS Home Directories Quotas and Reservation Guidelines

Hello! On this page you will find information on the quota and reservations strategy we are using for existing CRBS home directories. 

Storage allocation matrix:

Since there are many users that have been with CRBS/NCMIR, we grandfathered there home directories with the following storage allocation:

Accounts less than 10G get a reservation of 10G(filesystem) where 12G is the hard limit (filesystem + snapshots)
Accounts less than 25G get a reservation of 25G(filesystem) where 27G is the hard limit (filesystem + snapshots)
Accounts less than 50G get a reservation of 50G(filesystem) where 52G is the hard limit (filesystem + snapshots)
Accounts less than 75G get a reservation of 75G(filesystem) where 77G is the hard limit (filesystem + snapshots)
Accounts less than 100G get a reservation of 100G(filesystem) where 102G is the hard limit (filesystem + snapshots)

All accounts over 100G will be set as sizeOf(filesystem) + 2GB for the reservation, and sizeOf(filesystem)+4GB for quota.

ALL NEW USERS from August 2013 and on, get a 10GB reservation where 12GB is the hard limit. no exceptions.

Typical examples:

If you have 60GB in your home directory, we will allocate a 75GB reservation (guaranteed storage allocation) with a 77GB max quota (filesystem size plus snapshot usage space reserved by the system)

If you have 345GB in your home directory (you should clean up btw), we will allocate 347GB reservation, and a max quota of 349GB.

This will help reduce significantly the workstation lock ups due to full shared filesystems.

If you have any questions or concerns, please create a new ticket at:

Thank you and happy computing!


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