Workstations on the CRBS network now have the ability to leverage our in house Mount Manager software for windows.

The Mount Manager is designed to simplify the process of mapping/mounting and dismounting network shares, specifically ccdbprod, processing, and vast NFS shares.
Here's how it makes these tasks easy:

  1. Mount and Dismount Shares:
    The Mount Manager streamlines the mounting and dismounting of ccdbprod, processing, and vast data network shares, just select the server you wish to mount and the drive letter to attach the share to and click the mount button.
    Any NFS shares that are already mounted will be recognized in a separate drop down, simply select the server you wish to dismount and click the unmount button.

  2. Search Utility:
    The program includes a powerful search utility that allows users to find CCDB data with ease.
    It supports searching based on MPID or ProjectID, making it convenient to locate specific data within these shares.
    Maintains a running history of your search queries
    Allows for the export of search queries to CSV or Excel format

Software Requirements

  1. Access to a CRBS managed Windows workstation on one of our approved networks
  2. Windows >= 10 with Client for NFS Features installed
  3. NFS Configuration registry keys
  4. Dotnet >= 4.8
  5. To obtain the latest version or to request installation email


The software provides two desktop shortcuts.

  Launches the main mount manager window
  Launches just the MPID Search utility without the need to open it from within the mount manager

Mount Manager Window

Mounting a Drive

  1. Select the desired server from the Prod Server drop down in the Available Mounts section
  2. Choose a the drive letter you wish to mount to, only available letters will be visible
  3. Click the Mount button

Unmount a Drive

  1. Select the desired drive to unmount in the Current Mounts section
  2. Click the Unmount button

Refresh Drives Button

In some cases you may need to click the Refresh Drives button for the program to refresh the available drive letters.
For instance, the program is running and an external drive was connected, with the program running you disconnected the drive but the letter isn't showing as available.
In this scenario just click the refresh drives button and you should see the new list of available letters

Status info bar

The status info bar will provide feedback about the last state of the program. In some cases you might see warnings or errors in the info bar

Open Search Utility Button

Opens the Search utility from within the mount manager, see below

MPID Search Utility Window

Using the data search utility

  1. Choose the type of search by selecting the appropriate method in the Search By drop down box. MPID or Project ID
  2. Enter the ID you wish to search for in the textbox and press enter (or click the Start Search button)
  3. Results will be displayed on the main window
  4. Repeat steps 1 and 2 as many times as necessary
  5. At this point your results can be exported by clicking the export button and entering a file name, export type and location
  6. If no export is required and you wish to clear your results just click the Clear Results button